Pinched Nerve in Neck Jackson WYA pinched nerve in the neck can occur if the spinal cord or a nerve root is being pressured by surrounding tissue, such as a piece of bone, cartilage, muscle, or tendon. This commonly results from age-related spinal degeneration. After exiting the cervical spine (neck), nerve roots extend through the arms to provide sensation and movement. If a nerve root becomes irritated or “pinched,” its function can be affected, resulting in problems like radiating pain, skin numbness, and muscle weakness in the arms (cervical radiculopathy).

At Teton Orthopaedics in Jackson, Wyoming, our spine specialists provide a full range of treatments for pinched nerves and other spinal conditions. In general, there are two broad treatment categories for cervical radiculopathy: conservative, which includes any method that can be performed non-surgically, and surgical. Regardless of the selected approach, we believe that treatment must be highly individualized to be most effective.

After confirming a diagnosis, our spine specialists can work with a patient to develop a customized treatment plan for a pinched nerve in the neck, which might include one or more of the following options:

  • Medications to manage pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and/or sleep disturbances
  • A cervical collar worn to provide support and limit motion as the neck heals
  • Epidural steroid injections (nerve blocks) that place a small amount of a potent anti-inflammatory medication (cortisone) directly into the spinal canal

While surgery is rarely necessary to treat a pinched nerve, the fellowship-trained spine surgeons at Teton Orthopaedics in Jackson, WY, are skilled and experienced in performing the latest surgical techniques, such as anterior cervical fusion, when necessary. And, whether or not a patient requires surgery, physical therapy is usually an integral part of treatment. Our dedicated team of in-house physical therapists works closely with our physicians to provide seamless, personalized care designed to relieve discomfort, improve function, and enhance quality of life.

To learn more about treatment options for a pinched nerve in the neck, interested individuals can contact Teton Orthopaedics to schedule a personal consultation at our clinic in Jackson, WY.