Ankle Fracture Surgery for Residents and Visitors of Jackson, WY

Ankle Fracture Surgery Jackson WYAnkle fracture surgery may be recommended to address a severe break in one or more of the bones that make up the ankle joint. An ankle fracture and ligament damage can result from the direct trauma of a car accident or sporting mishap, or from “rolling and twisting” the ankle during a trip and fall. Individuals who participate in sports like soccer, football, and skiing in the great outdoors of Jackson, Wyoming, area are particularly susceptible to these types of injuries.

Some possible signs of an ankle fracture include pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness, and an inability to sustain weight as necessary to stand or walk on the affected leg. Following an ankle injury, it is important to have the joint evaluated by a specialist who can determine the nature and extent of the damage. Residents and visitors of Jackson, WY, who are experiencing these symptoms can consult with the board-certified, fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist at Teton Orthopaedics for a proper diagnosis and treatment, which may include ankle fracture surgery or a conservative alternative.

Treatment for a fractured ankle can vary based on the type and severity of the injury. At Teton Orthopaedics, we generally view ankle fracture surgery as a last-resort treatment that is typically reserved for cases in which the broken bones have been forced out of alignment to a significant degree.

Otherwise, we may recommend:

  • A short period of rest
  • Ice pack applications
  • Leg elevation
  • Medications to relieve pain and reduce swelling
  • Splinting for a few days until the swelling subsides
  • A short leg cast or brace worn temporarily over the fractured ankle to provide support and hold the broken bones in place

If ankle fracture surgery is required, a surgeon can realign the bones broken bone prior to placing a splint. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon may place metal screws, plates, or rods on the broken bone to help keep it in the proper position during the healing process. In some cases, crutches may be used to prevent the affected ankle from bearing the body’s weight when the patient stands and walks.

If you’d like to discuss ankle fracture surgery and other treatment options with an experienced foot and ankle specialist, contact Teton Orthopaedics today. As a highly focused, subspecialty orthopaedic practice, we offer a unique advantage over many of the other clinics in Jackson, WY.